From the very beginning, the quality of our projects and the optimization of selected solutions were most important to us.

About our Company


Our design office started operating in 2001. Initially, these were simple projects related to the executive department. Gradually, however, we were transforming into an independent design office as a separate and independent company. The next step was the growing specialization and more advanced studies.

Currently, we can boast of a proven and experienced team of designers, very efficient work organization and numerous projects. We have carried out projects in international teams, we have experience in designing in English. We work on programs for CFD analysis, 3D thermal bridges and Revit BIM. We are involved in energy simulation and BIM design programs.

Looking into the future

We are constantly developing, both our skills and knowledge of the latest solutions.

We are up to date with the latest technical solutions. We also develop our design skills on the latest software to provide the highest quality product possible.

Design Quality

MC2 core values have been shaped over more than 18 years of delivering the finest design services to our clients.

We focus primarily on the high quality of our projects, both in terms of technical solutions correctness and their optimization. We never go the shortest way. We always analyze solutions to offer our client the best possible and best suited to his project.

We place great emphasis on cooperation with architects and designers from another industry so as to be in constant contact and coordinate solutions on an ongoing basis.

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If you can imagine it, we can design it. Tell us more about your idea.